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Company Profile

Founded in 2008 as a innovative company, UniNano Advanced Materials Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise, developing and producing high-performance nanoporous thermal insulation materials, such as nanoporous thermal insulation blanket, slab and powder, which provide supeb thermal insulation performance and excellent durability under different tough environment.  UniNano has proven experiences on various thermal insulation solutions in different fields of industry, such as petrochemical, energy, building and construction, ship, high speed railway, military, metallurgy, fire control and cryogenic storage, etc.

UniNano is ISO9001 certified, accompanying by other honors from National, Provincial and Municipal scientific research projects to vendor warranties from state-owned in China and Fortune 500 enterprises.


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Social Commitment

For the past 100 years, chemistry and material science have brought people great convenience in almost all aspects of human's daily life. However, severe environment contamination has also been caused as by-product by the mushroom industrial development, jeopardizing water, soil, air quality. Energy shortage and environment protection have become a severe issue globally.  

Being a new-born innovative company, UniNano is dedicated to lowering carbon emission during manufacturing process and offering energy conservation solution. To set an energy-saving and environmental example in developing series of thermal insulation materials, UniNano will spare no efforts to provide our customers continuously with efficient, effective and eco-friendly solutions.

R&D Center     

The R&D center is located in Minhang District, Shanghai, China, dedicating to the development of new nano technology and relevant applications.

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